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Thank you for your interest in Three Creek Couriers LLC.

We currently have over fourty couriers to service our contracts. We specialize in last mile delivery of time sensitive materials. But are available for all types of deliveries big and small in the Central Oregon area. If you are tired of making deliveries yourself we have on call and willing people to take care of business. We are working to offer courier services through our website in the future.

If you are interested in part time or full time work please apply above. We do not offer nor guarantee a minimum wage, but we do a good job of scheduling an apropriate amount of people in order to keep you busy. We offer daily to monthly pay of your choice (normally weekly). In order to be involved we ask that you commit to at least one shift per week. We use scheduling software so it is easy to pick up shifts. When you are done you can cash out your deliveries for the day with a few clicks. We strive to have happy and secure co-workers.

If you think your business could benefit in utilizing a contract courier please Contact Us. We would be happy to discuss what your needs are and how our fleet of experienced drivers can benefit you and your business.

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