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We specialize in last mile delivery of time sensitive materials and are available for many types of deliveries big and small. We currently operate in the central oregon area and are hoping to expand to more areas soon. If you have orders that need delivered we may have an easier way, while at the same time helping to support local. If you are tired of making deliveries yourself we have drivers on call and willing to take care of business. Our local drivers will be from your area and help be a big part of supporting local. we take as little as possible from our drivers to help insure that everyone is making a reasonable living wage. We are working to offer online access to schedule courier services through our website in the future.

If you think your business could benefit from our services, have questions, or would like a quote for a haul please Contact Us. We would be happy to discuss what your needs are and how our fleet of experienced drivers can benefit you and your business. Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.

Three Creek Couriers LLC


Jesse Strenge

Payroll & Hiring manager

Over 10 years in the courier business Jesse handles new contracts, payroll and day to day management of drivers in the local area.


Robert Beckner

Web development & Scheduling

Over 10 years in the courier business Robert handles scheduling and web development working to bring a smoother online experience every day.

Become A Driver

We are looking for polite, patient and courteous people to join our Team of Independent Contract Couriers. Qualified applicants will be expected to provide their own car, insurance and smart phone.

We offer Reasonable pay, flexible scheduling and a laid back work environment. Drivers are paid a delivery fee and keep 100% of their tips, there is no hourly wage but drivers are only limited by their own ability. We take care to properly offer the right number of shifts in order for drivers to stay busy while they are "on shift". We have been a team for many years and want drivers to be happy and make a livable income.

If you are interested in full or part time work please create an account. We offer the ability to be paid whenever you choose daily, weekly, monthly, the choice is yours. In order to be involved we ask that you commit to at least one shift per week. We use scheduling software so it is easy to pick up shifts. Cash out your deliveries for the day with a few clicks. Work when you need some extra cash or fill your schedule and work as much as you would like.

If this sounds like something for you, join our team and start controlling your own schedule. After you have completed the driver preparation, We will contact you to do a meet and greet and answer any questions you may have. We appreciate all of our drivers hard work and look forward to helping more people in the future.


Take out Today

Bendtakeout.com has been operating in central Oregon for over 15 years. Servicing customers and restaurants with local drivers, we strive to provide them with reliable drivers who enjoy the freedom that contract work provides. Long before other delivery companies came around Bendtakeout has been leading the way here. They have provided delivery in the area to the outskirts of town that never had the opportunity for delivery, putting customer satisfaction first and getting hot meals to those in need. Now going by the name takeouttoday they are expanding their service area with bend and redmond delivery and hopefully more areas soon.

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